K-POP Cover Dance Competition (Istanbul European Final)

2013 K-Pop Cover Dance Istanbul Europe Finals

Türkçe‘si için

This competition is open to all international contestants. The winning group will have the opportunity to compete at the big final, which will take place on the 28th of September 2013 in Gangwon province, South Korea.
1. Application(online) : 11th May- 31st May(until midnight)
Website for applications: http://www.kpopfestival.org/
2. Successful applicant disclosure : 3rd June on the Korean Cultural Centre’s website
(tr.korean- culture.org)
3. Istanbul European Final : 29 June 2013
Istanbul Cemal Reşit Rey Concert Hall
Application Procedure:
1. Film your dance and upload to YouTube (http://www.youtube.com/).
2. Go on the “K-POP festival in Gangwon 2013” website(http://www.kpopfestival.org/). Click on the grey ‘Sign Up’ bar at the top of the page and become a member.
3. Click on ‘Video Registration’ on the right-hand corner.
4. Fill in your details in the ‘Video Source’ section add the youtube link of the video of your dance
5. The deadline for submitting applications to compete at the Istanbul European Final is May 31st
6. The groups which have been selected to move onto the final will be announced at the Korean Cultural Centre’s website.

Selection Criteria for the final:
The groups who will attend the Istanbul European Final will be chosen by a professional panel of judges, who will follow a set of criteria which is explained on the following website: http://www.kpopfestival.org/.
Non Turkish applicants selected for European Finals who wish to be qualified in Turkey must state clearly that they want to compete in Istanbul on the ‘team introduction’ section of the online application form.

The group which wins first place in the K-POP Cover Dance Competition Istanbul European Final will be given the opportunity to attend the ‘2013 K-POP Festival in Gangwon’ with all travel and hotel expenses covered.
The groups which reserves 1st, 2nd and 3rd place will be given prizes. Honorable Mention(s) will also be given to groups which put in an exceptional performance.
* Prizes will be revealed later.
Competition Criteria
• Talent
• Team work(if attending as a group)
• Clothes and accessories.
• Technicality of dance.
• Audience reaction.

Important Notes:
The competition in Istanbul is the first dance competition which groups in Europe can attend. In the European region competitions will take place in Turkey, Hungary and Poland.
Among the panel of judges, which will include experts from Turkey and Korea, there will be a popular Korean artist or group. The panel of judges will be revealed shortly.
Groups who are selected for the Istanbul European Final must provide and bring the music of their dance with them to the competition.
Groups attending the Istanbul European Final and the big final in Gangwon are permitted to perform only the dance which they submitted during their application.



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